Task 1.3 #cope14

Actually, Christian Freisleben posted a great link which “says it all”!


I just have to add one topic: humor! I am a person who loves jokes, especially politically incorrect jokes. However, online without facial expressions, that can often go wrong. Therefor, I think it’s necessary to use emoticons to signal your joking. And in case of doubt (concerning the intentions of the writer), please go for “in dubio pro reo”! Otherwise you might miss out on all my stupid jokes!! And who wants that?



Task 1.4

For this task, I’ve chosen my favorite ad.

This video very pointedly shows how easily misunderstandings can occur due to language. Although language is not the only important issue when it comes to intercultural exchange (work related or private), it is very important to share a language to a certain extend as common basis for interaction. Only on top of that you can build misunderstandings due to cultural differences! 😉